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As per our business we are direct used car exporter, therefore we supply all the cars brought locally to our clients across the globe. Being direct exporter we pay good price for used cars brought, most makes and models accepted.

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Our Advantage

By using us you can skip the middleman or broker, don’t get stung by a dodgy sales person or a greedy dealer, want to sell your car? Try us and we will give you best possible price of your investment.

Due to lack of knowledge in this field, many private sellers sell their cars to brokers, sales men and dealers, who after keeping their margin sell to exporters like ourselves. By skipping middle man you can now get better price than ever. We have all the network established to help you out.

How we can help as a direct exporter?

We being a market leader in export market, concentrate only on our export business. Instead of selling a local car to another dealer, exporters or brokers we sell it directly to our buyers overseas. With clients list of over 200 individuals and dealers spread across approximately 15 world destinations, enables us to source the best buying price for your car across. Being LTA appointed Export Processing Zone operator we can get your car de - registered sooner , which will not only increases you car value but saves you from all the hassle of long wait.

We have done this page up for all Singaporean private sellers, who want to get best price for their used vehicle.

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