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In undertaking business with Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd, please ensure that you must have read and agreed to the terms in this document.


All logos, signage, makes, models, variants, names of vehicles or motor vehicle manufacturers used on our websites are owned by respective companies, they are used only for used car’s make and model identification purposes.


Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd only conducts its used car export business by using following terms of Ex-Singapore, FOB (free on board), C&F or CIF (cost insurance and freight).


Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd provides only marine insurance and is not responsible if the customer does not directly request insurance in writing. If customer requires marine insurance to be added on, he can request in writing 7 days before vehicle departs Singapore. Customer is liable for the cost, excess or fees involved.


Only Bank Transfer or Telegraphic Transfer, Letter of Credit for bigger purchases and Credit card payment via PayPal is accepted. No other means or modes of payments are accepted. No payments are accepted or entertained unless an official invoice is issued.


Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd accepts all major currencies, All the payments done by Bank Transfer or Telegraphic transfer other than the Singapore Dollar will be converted to Singapore dollar by our local bank against the current exchange rate enforce on the day money is received. Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd cannot be held responsible for any payments, funds or monies lost during this process. All bank charges involved in the payment transfer are to be paid by customer.


As per requirement of customs department at destination, Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd can provide all necessary documents needed for hassle free import. By default, we provide following documents via traceable courier once payment is received and/or ship has left Singapore.

Bill of Ladings

Vehicle De Registration certificate

Marine insurance certificate

Inspection Certificate ( Applicable for Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda)

LTA Technical Data ( Applicable for New Zealand Buyers)

Certificate of Origin ( Applicable to Cyprus buyers)

Depending on your country, destination or port regulations and requirements, Prestige Auto Export Pte ltd can also provide additional documents if needed. It is customer responsibility to identify all the additional documents needed before departure of vehicle. If there is additional cost involved to prepare these additional documents will be added on to customer's account.


Please check the import restrictions in force at your destination, country or port, Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd cannot be held responsible for any vehicle imported which cannot enter, registered, used or comply in your country, port or destination.


Some countries in African continent such as Mozambique ( Intertek Inspection) , Kenya ( Jevic Inspection for Kenya) , Tanzania ( Tanzania Bureau Services Inspection or TBS), Uganda ( Jevic Inspection for Uganda) and Zambia ( Jevic Inspection for Zambia) require vehicle mechanical inspection. Please notify Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd in advance if you require inspection to be done and/or vehicle will be used, registered or sold in the countries mentioned. Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd, provides full guarantee that these inspections will be carried out and vehicle will meet standards of these inspections. For Mozambique inspection, we will require MOZ number, providing MOZ number is customer's responsibility.


Any sudden changes in pre setted or booked Shipping schedules, Rates, Dates, Vessel Changes and Packing sequence are not normal practice to happen, similarly if happens are out of control of Prestige Auto Export and cannot be held responsible for such happening. However, Every possible precaution is taken in advance to get confirm dates, information and rates for the customer. Shipping lines and agents do reserve the right to change them without notice.


All vehicles listed on website are tried to be updated as regularly as possible, however, if a vehicle is sold and still listed on website doesn’t means that customer can purchase it or it is available for sale, please inquire on the vehicle using inquire option, Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd, reserves full right to list, delete, update, watermark the stock listed on the website.


Unit sold are for export from Singapore only purpose and are sold on "As is where is Basis" , free from all encumbrances whatsoever and free title is guaranteed. There is no guarantee of odometer mileage reading and is given and sold on as is where is basis, Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd, in any circumstances cannot be held responsible, liable or accountable for any discrepancies, temperament or differences in odometer mileage. However if required by customer, independent inspection can be arranged on customer expense if available. Similarly units sold are non refundable, non exchangeable in any circumstances unless special permission is granted by management. Issuing of invoice doesn’t guarantee availability of the units. Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd, reserve the right to cancel the sale without prior notice on paying back all the amounts received on the invoice.


Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd, reserves the right to cancel your account with our website for any reason without giving any advance notice/s.

All information listed and provided information or data on the websites, emails and vehicles listed is to the 'best of our knowledge', Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd cannot be held responsible, liable or accountable for any discrepancies.

Prestige Auto Export Pte Ltd and Singapore are Singapore based, operated and registered export companies, we have no partners, colleagues, sub-offices, agents in any countries worldwide or in Singapore, any dealings with any individual, corporate, agents, company or associate whatsoever who are using our name or logos are not recourse by us, we take no responsibility whatsoever for such entities or business dealings. We also reserve to take strict legal action of using our name, logos or services unless a written consent is provided by management.